All about me

I grew up around food, a lot of food.  My father had a couple of restaurants as well as his experimenting at home.  I grew up in Ohio but eventually found my way to Charlotte, NC.  This is where I started branching off on to my own doing small catering events here and there while keeping my foot in the corporate world.  I was an accountant for many, many years.  Very boring!  After being relocated to sunny Southern California, and eventually being laid off during the 2008 economic crisis, I decided it was time to focus on doing what I love - spreading my love of helping people through food.  I became a full time caterer and cake artist and business began to soar.  Life has now brought me to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I miss the always beautiful weather of California, but am enjoying my new life here.  I can't wait to start meeting new people and getting involved with the coastal life.  

I look at this website as a chance to introduce myself to someone I would normally never get the chance to meet.  I love cooking and baking and I feel the more people the better.  You should never work your own special event or a loved one's event.  In doing so, you do not get to enjoy the special day.  It doesn't hurt to ask for a quote.  What have you got to lose?


Working history:

As I am new here, most of my previous clients are in Charlotte, NC and Southern California.  I do have a few references here in Mississippi.  All are more than happy to give me a reference if needed.  Just ask and I will be happy to send you their contact information.

I have the expected one-time clients, of course, weddings, graduations, even funerals.  I do have several repeat clients including one of the Mason chapters in San Diego.  I prepared their monthly dinner meetings and most of their special event meals.  I also have a few event planners who highly recommend me in the Los Angeles, Long Beach, CA and Anaheim areas.  I had several repeat clients in Charlotte, but that was so many years ago.  


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