Make the day your own!

Consider having a breakfast or brunch, or a "make-your-own" pasta buffet.  

Of course, all types of buffets are available, we just need to talk about your specific needs.  

How about this? Did you know you can probably afford a plated meal after all?  Check it out!

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Pasta Line

Starting at $15 per person this is our favorite budget option

The pasta line is a great, fun way to stretch your budget.  Your guests will choose their pasta toppings and the chefs will whip it up quick and hot!  Everything is started with fresh ingredients.  Fruit bowls, salads and bread are served at the table for convenience and to maintain budget/portion control.

Minimum 100 guests required for this chef service package.  Other pasta packages are available for smaller events.

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Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast and Brunch catering is also available and can offer considerable savings over other meals and time of day.

Think of a deviled egg bar or a biscuit bar.  How about chicken and waffles?  Quiche, finger sandwiches or wraps, tortellini, Caesar salad, scones, sweet breads, fresh fruit and vegetable options and of course... desserts!

The possibilities are endless! You also save budget by serving mimosas and Bloody Mary's instead of an open bar.  



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Plated Meals

First of all, plated meals, at least with Everything Plus the Cake, do not cost that much more than buffets.  If you want a plated reception, order a plated reception.  The difference in pricing isn't worth not getting what you want.  You only need to inquire.

And not having to balance a plate from the buffet to your table in a white wedding gown -that's always a great day!!





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