The following is why we don't do cakes outside in the summer and why cream cheese is forbidden as well as whipped cream icing ......

Not to scare you.... BUT..... it's funny but true!!

OK - scary, isn't it?  Your cake is made with butter and or cream.  Even the cheap fake stuff from your local grocery store bakery is made with shortening - it all melts the same.  This is also true of indoor spaces.  I once asked if the room the cake would be in was air-conditioned.  I was told, "yes, it is!"  Well, folks, I get there and yes, technically, the room was air conditioned.  The people had it set at 78 degrees.  It is humid and it's Mississippi.  78 degrees, inside, in Mississippi, is not air conditioned as far as the cake is concerned.  It must be set to no more than 70 degrees or it has to be refrigerated until 10 minutes before serving.  I stood there and watched the buttercream flowers melt off the beautiful cake - in minutes!  It was so sad.  The topper fell off the cake as the buttercream softened.  There was nothing I could do about it.

There are no refunds when your cake falls apart because it is too hot.  I understand A/C is expensive.  But on your special day - crank it up.  There is no point in spending all that money on such a beautiful cake just to watch it melt before your eyes.  

Been there - Done that!

Why You Shouldn't DIY the food at your wedding:

So, your mom makes great lasagna.  Your sister bakes a mean pie.  Let's discuss why you should not potluck or DIY your own wedding - or your sisters, or any other close loved ones.

For your wedding to go off smoothly and transition from the wedding to the reception seamlessly, it takes people working in the background.  Honestly, as harsh as it sounds, you require people who don't care if they watch your wedding.  And the same people have to care that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.  People who want to watch the ceremony and people who work in the background should never ever be the same people.

I was once asked to cater a dear friend's wedding.  Of course, I say!  The day before the wedding she realized I would not be attending the service.  How could I?  I would be cooking while she said, "I do."  I can't be in two places at once.  She cried.  For people to be fed on time, I had to miss the ceremony.   It's as simple as that.  For me to serve the food, I could not watch the first dance, the toasts or anything else.  I had to be in the kitchen, with my staff, working her reception.  She wanted me at the wedding.  So, in turn, I got to feel the stress of leaving the reception site, rushing to the church, and rushing back to the reception site (a 30 minute drive each way).  What should have been a fun gift for me  to give her, ended up being a hassle... and dinner was late.  

For your loved one to do these things for you, they simply cannot attend the festivities AND have everything run smoothly.  It's not humanly possible.  Even if the food is already cooked, you have to set up tables, heat up food, plate it or get ready to put it on the buffet line.  And we won't even get into the the discussion of cleaning up.  No matter what, the person doing both, watching the wedding and working the reception, will be stressed out.  Allow your loved ones the day off and let them enjoy this day with you. At the very least, use your food but hire knowledgable staff to actually work the reception. 

Affordable catering is out there.  You only have to be willing to find the right company and then listen to the budget suggestions.  At Everything Plus the Cake we take pride in providing wedding-worthy options regardless of your budget.  To get the most out of your funds, be honest to begin with about how much you have to spend and the guest count.  It's much faster to work in that direction than to ask for quotes when we do not know what budget we are gearing for.  Work openly with us and we can move mountains for you.

Here are great links to more Do's and Dont's  for the DIY wedding.  

I am a proud volunteer for this wonderful organization.  Please click on the link to learn more.  You can receive services or donate.  Thank you!